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Keep up to date on what’s new in the world of VR and K12 education.  Check out a number of uses and applications people and companies are exploring to improve the application of VR in the classroom.

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Wireless Future

The future of VR is wireless.  The question is, how long will it take to get there?

Wireless VR

BBC is Ending its VR Efforts

BBC is exiting the world of VR.  They aren’t the only one.

  BBC Exits VR

Hand-Tracking VR

Advancements of hand-tracking in VR are turning this idea into a reality.

  Hand-Tracking VR

Cultural Connections

A high school, a cultural festival, and VR.  How they connected people with their homelands. 

VR Connections

Full-body avatars and room to move

VR is advancing toward full body experiences and interactive environments.

  Immersive VR

Immersive VR and language learning

Using a VR immersive environment to learn a foreign language.

  Language Learning

VR as a method to treat mental health?

Research is being done testing if it can be helpful with stress, anxiety, and social situations.


VR will change the future

Forbes takes a look at 10 ways VR will change how we live in the future.

Ten Ways

Is "Ready Player One" on the way?

Is Hollywood able to see into the virtual future?  How close is VR to imitating the movies?

VR of the Future

Can VR teach empathy?

Empathy? Social Interaction? Examining Racism?  The VHIL at Stanford seeks to test these ideas.  

Empathy in VR

Does VR create deeper learning?

Is it a gimmick?  VR makes field trips more cost effective and feasible.  Science comes to life in a headset.  But does it improve learning?

Deeper Learning

VR/AR infiltrates commerce

VR/AR is poised to infiltrate online websites and influence product sales.  See how.

Online Shopping

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