VR Setup Ideas

Below you will find some diagrams and descriptions of physical classroom setups for VR. These designs are ideas that can be incorporated in education. Whether you have the VR basics or high-end equipment, these may help you design workable classroom setups.

VR classroom setup

If you have access to a classroom set of Google Expeditions or Google Cardboard or an equivalent product, it is possible to set the room up in traditional rows. Users can stay seated because these devices do not need room to move.

VR classroom setup

If you have access to 4 or 5 higher end VR systems and run stations, this is a possible arrangement. Put the VR stations around the outside of the room. This VR setup allows you to maximize the use of a small number of VR headsets.

VR classroom setup

An example of how to arrange a set of 15 VR stations is shown here. This layout helps maximize space and localize electrical needs.

Also, if you are using student “experts”, it divides the class into small, manageable groups. This VR setup provides islands or pods for easier student oversight.

We’re always interested in hearing new ideas. Contact us if there is something you have tried and works or if there is a question or topic you think would make a good blog post. Our lesson plans were designed with the third option pictured above.

Learn how to setup your own VR program by checking out our Toolkit for Educators: Envision Virtual Reality.

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