Curious on how to begin designing lessons to use VR in education? Below are links to VR lesson plans, resources, and activities to be used along with educational VR apps. The apps were tested and vetted by students. Then through discussion and brainstorming, they came up with activities they think works well with the app. Most lessons include pre and post VR experience activities. The VR experiences are typically designed to be done in pairs, requiring communication between partners. This list will continue to grow as my classes test, research and design new lessons. This process gives students valuable insight into what goes on behind the educational curtain.

Discussion Apps – these VR apps are great for students to experience and then hold thought-provoking discussions.
Merging VR and 3D Printing – Tap into student creativity and merge two awesome technologies. Here are directions for creating sculptures in VR and then exporting them for 3D printing.

*special thanks to the following students who helped research, test, document, and design these instructions: Logan Buchanon, Connor Bellman, Chedomir Bundalo, Robert Hamilton, Cara McKeown, Sean Sutter, and Santino Fox.

Discovering Space 2
Nanome VR
eXperience: Color Blindness

*special thanks to Hansen Risley and Haleigh Wyatt for leading the way on this activity.

VR lesson plans

If there is an app you’re curious about and want our opinion, contact us. If you have a blog idea, let us know. We will be updating this over time as we create more VR lesson plans and activities.

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